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Numerous visitors to our web site have sent questions in about ingrown toenail surgery. Easing their mind is our specialist who answers one recent question on surgery for ingrown toenail.


ôRecently I underwent ingrown toenail surgery. What do you recommend that I do now that I have had the surgery? Are there specific things I need to do or remember?


After surgery for ingrown toenail, I recommend the following actions:

  • Keep the bandages on the area for two days. On the second day, remove it and bathe the area with soap and water. Then, dry your foot and apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment, clean bandages, and gauze. Repeat this twice a day until the toe is healed.
  • Pain killers can be taken for relief from the ingrown toenail surgery.
  • You can alleviate some of the pain by keeping the foot elevated above the level of the heart as much as possible for 2-3 days after surgury.
  • Get as much rest as possible. It is the best medicine for the healing process.
  • A day after the surgery, you can return to work or school and even take a shower.
  • Try to avoid any vigorous activities, such as running, for two weeks after the ingrown toenail surgery.
  • Wear an open toe shoe, such as a sandal, or loose-fitting shoes or sneakers for two weeks to alleviate any pressure on the area. Avoid high heels and tight-fitting shoes.
  • Trim your nails straight across.
  • Do not pick at your nails or tear them at the corners.
  • Call your doctor if you note any increasing pain, swelling, redness or discharge.

Pic showing the piece of In grown nail taken out after surgery

Quite commonly, ingrown toe nails return. They happen in the first place for a number of reasons. The most common of those reasons is the shape to the nail. Generally, ingrown toenails happen if the nail is curved down the side. With good prevention steps, it may be possible to stop it from reoccurring.  It is best to practice good nail maintenance either at home or by visiting the podiatrist on a regular basis.


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