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Severe Signs of In growing Toe nail

Many people have written in to tell us that while they are pretty sure that they know the signs of ingrown toenail or fingernail, they wanted to see if a physician could provide a succinct description of the symptoms of ingrown toenail and finger nails. Below is a question and answer with this concern.


I have been experiencing some discomfort when wearing certain shoes and noticed some nails splitting on the sides. Could you tell me if what I have been going through has any relation to the symptoms of ingrown toenail? What are the signs to look for?


Having an ingrown toenail or finger nail is a common disorder that is most commonly experienced on the biggest and smallest toes. However, in the case of toe nails it is possible that the nail on any toe or on either side of the nail can become ingrown. Sometimes it looks like a nail embedded in the skin or it may appear as a sharp corner or spike penetrating out like a knife. 

Signs of ingrown toenail and fingernail are minor discomfort followed by increasing pain as the nail grows deeper into the skin. Ingrown toenail symptoms also include both redness and swelling at the corner of the toe nail due to pressure or from the fact that the nail has penetrated the skin. At this point, there may not be infection but it could occur if  the signs of ingrown toenail are ignored. 

Early signs of ingrown fingernail or toenail include pinkish, inflamed tissue at the end of the finger or toe. After awhile, mild swelling appears and it may feel inflamed.   Once an infection sets in, the swelling will become worse. White- or yellow-colored drainage from the tissue around the finger or toe nail may also appear. The toenail’s skin will appear as a raw, beef-red color with a lump of skin swelling over the nail edge. This stage of an ingrown toenail or fingernail is called paronychia. In rare cases, you may develop a fever due to the infection. 

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